chapter  1
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Europeanization: An analytical framework

This volume explores the Europeanization of a so-called quasi-member state, taking into consideration both uploading, or Iceland’s ability to project its preferences at the European level, and downloading, or the adoption of EU policies at national level through the EEA Agreement. There have been numerous substantial academic contributions to the study of ‘Europeanization’, and the term has been applied across a wide variety of contexts with a range of different meanings attached to it. As a result, some would argue that it has almost been stretched beyond meaningful limits (Featherstone 2003: 5). Therefore, before engaging in a study of Europeanization, it is necessary to set clear boundaries to the definition that will be used and the theoretical and methodological approaches that will be applied (Featherstone and Papadimitriou 2008: 23). In particular, it is essential to specify how existing approaches can be used to explain and understand the impact of the EU on an EFTA state which participates in EU integration through the EEA Agreement. This section provides justification for the framework that is used in this book, taking into account the major debates in the field.