chapter  8
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Sharing our common wealth

It follows naturally, from what I have argued in Chapter 5, that in a provisioning economy our reliance on the resources of the local environment becomes much more apparent. As far as the UK is concerned, our strategy for acquiring even our most basic resources depends on vast global markets framed by international institutions over which we have only very tenuous democratic control. Yet that system will be radically changed as a consequence of the depletion of oil supplies and other nonrenewable resources, and by policies designed to respond to climate change. In this chapter, beginning in Section 8.1, I explore this provisioning strategy and assess to what extent it can be compared with renting areas of land overseas, a strategy which, I argue, has arisen naturally from our colonial history. The theories of political economy that supported our colonial expansion, as well as the transformation to our own domestic economy, will be superseded as we move towards a sustainable future. The purpose of this chapter is to explore what the implications are particularly for how we conceive of the ownership of resources.