chapter  8
Ensuring health in prison and achieving healthy prisons: the TECH model
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In 1995 the World Health Organization (WHO)/Europe rst launched the “Health in Prisons” project (Møller et al., 2007). More recently, the WHO published “Health in Prisons,” a document that summarizes the philosophy and practice of a “whole-prison approach” toward achieving health in prisons. “Health in prison” is the process of providing comprehensive health services and education in prison. “Achieving a healthy prison” (Møller et al., 2007, p. 2) is the long-term goal of achieving a sustainable, health-promoting prison. “Health in prison” represents and results from the provision of comprehensive health services and education to prisoners. A “healthy prison” extends this concept and is understood as the achievement and long-term maintenance of a prison that promotes the health of both inmates and correctional staff while in prison and as they interface with the community.