chapter  9
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Learning and the future: best practice in governing sustainable urban renewal globally

This concluding chapter revisits some of the key themes in sustainable urban renewal globally and sets out best practice examples from nation states as well as examples from regional and local levels. The reasons for achieving successful outcomes in projects across differing nation states are examined, in terms of the types of governance arrangements, the roles of funders and the role of community actors. The reasons for project failure to achieve aims are also discussed. The chapter begins by setting out a general overview of sustainable urban renewal initiatives globally, before moving on to drill down into examples from the subnational, regional and local levels. The chapter then moves on to the discussion of best practice across urban renewal projects, examining the role of the centre, agencies, businesses and communities in delivery and governance. Conceptually, the chapter concludes by examining the similarities and differences in governance models across the case study areas of the UK, Germany and the US, before evaluating the lessons for both theory and practice (and linkages between the two) that can be drawn from these initiatives in terms of governance now and in the future.