chapter  2
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Good-bye Truth, Hello Trust: Prospects for Feminist Science and Technology Studies at the Millennium?

Feminist science and technology studies (STS),I like every other field within feminist scholarship are normatively driven. Even though there are complicated debates and divisions between those of us engaged in this expanding field, these are characterized by intense moral and political preoccupations. As feminists we are concerned with women, though we have learnt (not without struggle) that such a category only makes sense in relation to that of men, and that both gender and the social processes of gendering must be situated in time, space and culture. Whether we speak of social divisions or of difference, the feminisms today are intensely aware of social and cultural complexity. Nor is that complexity just 'out there', for most of us have accepted with a mixture of relief and pleasure that conceptual gift from postmodernism - the multiple hyphenated self.' But throughout the turmoils of feminist theorizing of the last two, almost three decades, this particular group of feminists carry an acute consciousness that science and technology, in today's increasingly globalized context, matter and matter in specific ways to women in all our diversity. For this us, the task of changing the subject is experienced with both urgency and intensity.