chapter  6
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Impact of Trial Interventions

Of 1,200 villages in Surat district, the following trial interventions were carried out in 237 villages in three zones by another agency: 1. Insecticide Residual Spray (IRS); 2. Insecticide Treated Mosquito Net (ITMN); and 3. Early Detection and Prompt Treatment (EDPT). We took advantage of this to carry out an impact study of these interventions. Ideally we should have administered the same questionnaire as used earlier in the same villages with the same households as respondents. However, modifi cations were made in the questionnaire, retaining though the same focus as mentioned in Chapter 5, viz., malaria and its seasonality; identifi cation of malaria types in local semantics; symptoms, causes, and treatment of malaria; economic loss incurred due to an episode of malaria; mosquito-breeding conditions; mosquito repellents; bed net use; sleeping habits; and so on.