chapter  2
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In this chapter we will attempt to explore spatial mobility at large and personal mobilities in particular from the perspectives of individuals’ motivations for mobility and their conduct while on the move. First we will examine deeply rooted personal motives for intrinsic mobility complemented or contradicted by personal needs for fixity. These motives and needs are assumed to lead to consumption of both mobility and fixity. This examination will be followed by an exposition of other approaches that assume that market and social forces may bring about the production of derived mobilities by individuals, rather than their consumption. Reconciliation between the views of mobility as consumed and produced will then be attempted. Following these discussions of motivations will come a comparative presentation of individual behaviour while physically on the move (walking and driving), as well as while virtually on the move (telephone calling and Interneting), focusing on various aspects for practices, experiences and social relations. The chapter will conclude with the presentation of a basic model for mobility.