chapter  2
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Inventing beauty

The history of the beauty salon

The beauty industry is not a historically recent phenomenon. Throughout history, women and men have used creams, lotions and preparations to alter their bodies in order to conform to the aesthetic standards of their day and their social position. However, the contemporary beauty industry, and the beauty salon upon which I shall focus, has its roots in the mid-nineteenth century from which time we can trace advertising aimed at women. We can also see the development of businesses based upon the marketing of beauty products, and the treatment of clients. Following this period there is also a clear development of a formalised training process which begins to treat the beauty worker as a professional with recourse to formal qualifications and a code of professional standards and ethics. Despite these developments, the beauty and cosmetics industry did not become a fully recognisable, commercialised, mass industry until the 1920s and 1930s. Perhaps only after the Second World War does the industry with which we are familiar today actually consolidate itself.