chapter  9
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Theories of Structuration Anthony Giddens: structuration and the practical

In the dreamy routines of daily life, we seldom think of ourselves as accomplished individuals using various skills to negotiate the social things about us. We seldom think of ourselves in this way partly because most of us, most of the time, adopt a ‘natural attitude’ to the world and to others around us, and partly because daily life does indeed exhibit various

t h e o r i e s o f s t r u c t u r a t i o n 205

dream-like qualities. To say that daily life is oftentimes dreamy is to say that much of what we do, as well as why we do what we do, is mysterious . One of the mysteries of our daily or habitual behaviors is that our skills or accomplishments seem to be governed by forces out of the immediate reach of consciousness. Perhaps nowhere is this dreamy not-quiteconsciousness of everyday life better dramatized than in the routines we all follow fi rst thing in the morning, after rising from our dream-fi lled slumbers.