chapter  3
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Roaming audiences

The Bridge
WithAnnette Hill

In this chapter, the author focuses on the original drama Bron/Broen, which means ‘the bridge’ in Swedish and Danish, and the American—Mexican adaptation The Bridge. Audience research faces a challenge in understanding our fluid experiences with media. As audiences are roaming around entertainment content, the pathways and tracks they make are shaping their experience of television (TV) and related social media. Audiences are often described as nomadic, moving around media in mobile contexts. ‘Roaming audiences’ is a creative way of thinking about TV audiences that can help us understand the duality of the material object of the TV and screen devices drawing audiences to one place and timeframe, and the symbolic power of TV to move people through images and sounds. Roaming signifies audience access to media through myriad ways; viewers and users can watch their favourite drama on TV, iPad, laptop, mobile phone, read related content and reviews, and take part in discussions in radio, newspapers and social media.