chapter  5
22 Pages

The cool heart of Nordic noir

WithAnnette Hill

This chapter examines how executive and creative producers, artistic performers and audiences all perform specific practices that in the end come together in a co-production of intense emotional engagement with the cool heart of this crime drama as Nordic noir. The Bridge refers to the international drama format and Bron/Broen refers to the original version of the drama located across the border between Sweden and Denmark; in the chapter the focus is on the original production set in the Öresund region. The Bridge is the cool heart of Nordic noir. The concept of ‘genre work’ is useful in helping to analyse Nordic noir from multiple perspectives, taking into account the complex ways in which this genre is a co-creation of industries and audiences. The genre work within Nordic noir as a category is shaped by producers, including marketing and distribution, in the making of this crime genre, and audiences in their engagement with this as a dramatic experience.