chapter  5
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Business Ethics

Since its founding in 1885, Goldman Sachs (GS) has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most important investment banks, employing more than 34,000 people worldwide. GS’s commitment to its clients, teamwork, integrity, professional

Business E thics Foundations Ethical Concepts Moral Development Business Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas Bu is ness E ht ics and Manage ir la E ht ics Business E thics Myths

Why People Use Unethical Behavior Personal Gain, Self-Interest, and Conflict of Interest External Pressure and Cross-Cultural Inconsistency How Person la ity Tr ia ts, At it tudes, a dn the S itua it on A ffect Ethical Beha iv or Ethical Rationalization and How People J ustify U nethical B ehavior

Guides to Ethical Decisions and Behavior General Guides to Ethical Decisions Virtues Ethics Guide Deontological Ethics Guide Utilitarianism Ethics Guide

Using Multiple E thical G uides Why Use Multiple Ethics Guides? The 3-Way Ethics Test

Managerial Ethics Codes of Ethics Managing Ethics

Business Nonmarket and Market Strategies and Ethics The Stakeholder 5 Is Strategic Approach Includes Ethics Integrating Nonmarket and Market Strategies

excellence, and entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to its clients was the core of its business, which is embodied in its 14 business principles.1