chapter  8
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Lawmaking and Political Strategies

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Former CEO of AIG Sues the Government over AIG Bailout

President Obama’s administration thought they were doing AIG and the banking industry a favor when they bailed out AIG for $ 130 billion. They expected flak from

The U.S. G overnment The Role and Branches of the Federal Government State and Local Government Reasons for Government Regulation of Business Business Rules

Business-Government Relations and Public Policy Business-Government Relations Public Policy Types of Public Policy Government Nonregulatory Influence on Business

Lawmaking Political Parties Congress The Legislative Process Influencing the Legislative Process Current Laws Affecting Business

Business Nonmarket and Market Strategies and Ethics Levels of Political Involvement Information Strategies Societal, Political, and Legal Strategies

Political Strategies 5 Is Strategic Analysis Business Interest Groups Campaign Contributions and PACs Grand Nonmarket Strategies Lobbying Grassroots Constituency Lobbying Coalition Building Testimony Advisory Panels and Committees

all sides, except one, AIG. So what did they learn? After three years of complaints no one likes bailouts. Not even, apparently, the people being bailed out.