chapter  10
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Law Interpreting, Antitrust, and Judiciary Strategies

Microsoft and the European Union (EU): Troubles Ahead, Troubles Behind

Microsoft is a household name, and rightly so. “The world’s #1 software company provides a variety of products and services, including its Windows operating systems and Office software suite. The company has expanded into markets, such as video

Antitrust Laws Objectives of Antitrust Laws The Sherman Act (1890) The Clayton Act (1914) Federal Trade Commission Act (1914) Antitrust Improvement Act (1976)

Mergers and Antitrust Acquisition or Merger? Horizontal Mergers Vertical Mergers Conglomerate M ergers

An it trust Enforcement Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission Merger I nvestigation G uidelines Private Enforcement and State Attorneys General Antitrust in Federal Courts

The Judicial Branch Judicial C oncepts Federal Courts State and Local Courts

Business Nonmarket and Market Strategies and Ethics Information Strategies Societal Strategies Political Strategies

Judiciary Strategies Avoiding Lawsuits Filing Lawsuits Lawsuits

game consoles, interactive television, and Internet access.”1 Yet being so well-known and so aggressive with its Windows software has landed Microsoft in a lot of legal hot water and in the sights of its major competitors and the U.S. government.