chapter  11
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Competing in the Global Economy

International Monetary Fund (IMF) 6. Describe the systems of free trade that the EU has in common with the United

States 7. Compare and contrast grease payments, bribes, and offsets 8. Define the following key terms (in order of appearance in the chapter)

globalization tariffs International Monetary international company trade quotas Fund (IMF) multinational company (MNC) trade bans grease payments free enterprise trade deficit bribes central state control antidumping offsets competitive advantage World Trade ethical impact statements of nations Organization (WTO) trade subsidies World Bank

Globalization and Multinational Companies Globalization Concepts Arguments For and Against Globalization The Importance of Globalization Multinational Companies

Comparative Political and Economic Systems Political Systems Economic Systems Business Ownership and Government-Business Relations

International Trade The Economics of International Trade The Politics of International Trade Trade Barriers U.S. Trade Policy and Law Global B usiness Regulations

International Organizations and Trade Agreements The World Trade Organization (WTO) The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Trade Agreements

Ethical Issues in International Business Corruption Improving Global Business Ethics Global Codes of Ethics

Business Nonmarket and Market Strategies and Ethics Information Strategies Societal Strategies Political Strategies Legal Strategies

What’s This Chapter All About?