chapter  12
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Stakeholder analysis

Chapter 11 introduced basic tools for stakeholder identification and analysis. In this chapter, we present a more robust method for delving into stakeholder profiles and relationships involved in a core problem or proposed action. Social Analysis CLIP explores existing ties and the record of conflict and collaboration (C) among parties. It also brings these relationships together with three key factors of social life, those of legitimacy (L), interests (I) and power (P). Given the complexity of each factor, three other tools are available to go deeper, as needed, by assessing the sources and levels of Legitimacy, Interests and Power that stakeholders hold in a given context. PAR practitioners may apply these tools to scale up the investigation of each dimension to a finer level. In Chapter 13, we also consider two other factors that determine the stakeholder config - uration in a given situation: the actual positions and the values that stakeholders express in real situations (see Positions and Interests and Values, Interests, Positions). These may or may not coincide with their individual or group interests. All of these considerations are incorporated into CLIP, an original web application available at www.participatory