chapter  4
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Today, pioneering fi rms are just as important, if not more so, as they create leading-edge products and solutions to many of the twenty-fi rst century’s most intractable problems. Point to any human need and most likely you will fi nd a person or a team of people scrambling for a solution. In science-driven fi elds, such as biotechnology, alternative energy, nanotechnology, software, telecommunications, and computers, thousands of entrepreneurs, scientists, and thinkers of all stripes are devoting their entire lives to search for a better future for humankind. In other industries, ranging from restaurants, to consumer products, home health

care, cleaning supplies, and education, energetic entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and life stories relentlessly experiment with new ideas and bold approaches to deliver better value to customers. Yet, most of us rapidly forget the inventions and breakthroughs of pioneers that transform our lives.