chapter  2
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An example of intergovernmental management

For those who do not come from a wetlands background, this chapter opens with a note of caution. Wetland regulation in the United States creates a public policy issue network that is simultaneously as salient and complex as any described by William Gormley Jr. (1986), and as intractable as any outlined by Sabatier and Mazmanian (1980). Understanding the linkages between actors in this network therefore requires a healthy measure of patience, and at times (a lesson learned from Pressman and Wildavsky [1973]) a sense of humor. Those who have had the occasion to become entangled in this network (willfully or otherwise) understand precisely what I mean. For the rest, I have attempted (to the best of my ability) to explain enough of the history, form, and function of our nation’s wetland regulations to provide a working knowledge of the actors involved as well their respective responsibilities.