chapter  6
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Co-Leadership: Rationale and Implementation

According to Bernard et al. (1987: 96), co-therapy can be defined as “two or more mental health professionals working collaboratively in the treatment of the same entity.” The cotherapy model has long been employed to improve both training and the therapeutic experience. Although psychotherapy pioneers such as Alfred Adler and Sigmund Freud used multiple therapists to enhance treatment, writing on the subject of co-therapy by these practitioners is sparse (Dreikurs et al. 1984). Hadden (1947) first commented on cotherapy more in terms of training group therapists than discussing the impact on clients. Later, Lundin and Aronov (1952) are credited with the first reference to the effect and possible benefits of the use of more than one leader in a single group and thus opened the door for the future examination of the use of co-leaders in counseling groups.