chapter  12
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Group Counseling with Adolescents

Adolescence is generally regarded as a period of great change. For many adolescents, this stage of development is characterized by conflict, questioning of values, a bewildering array of choices, confusing physiological changes, and an overwhelming need for approval by peers. Added to these stressors is an increased pressure to be responsible for one’s own actions. During this stage of development, many adolescents feel they are alone in their mire of self-doubt. They seek approval from others, especially peers, and at the same time struggle with the issues of independence-dependence in relationships involving significant others. For most adolescents, this is a time of enormous peer pressure. Values and traditions are questioned in light of peer-group reaction and standards. The need for peer approval and acceptance may often be stronger than their own issues of self-respect. Adolescents often look to their peer group for self-identity. Therefore, this is an opportune time to utilize group counseling to deal with feelings of isolation and the overwhelming number of choices facing adolescents.