chapter  10
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Support-for-Action: Readiness for Change

There is no change without action, but there is no action without the desire to act. The des ire to act is dependent upon a person's readiness for change, and, as Hettema, Steele, and Miller point out, "Anyone who aspires to help others change will quickly discover that people are often less than 'ready, willing, and able' to do so" (2005, p. 92). It is often assumed that when people seek out coaching there is an impetus to change, and that, in most cases, is a valid assumption. However, hesitancy about change is natural, and people come to a helping conversation with a wide range of readiness. The purpose of the Support-for-Action phase of the Four-square Coaching Framework is to evaluate a person's readiness for change and enhance her willingness and commitment to act in pursuit of desired change goals. By evoking a thoughtful dialogue about a person's desire to change, you can facilitate the creation of the necessary psychological incentives to maximize the prob ability that change will occur. The stage-specific activities for Support-for-Action are designed to:

lenge-for-Thought, and increase his willingness to carry out the activities generated during Challenge-for-Action

person is aware of the need for change; the need to have something in his personal or professionallife change from what it currently iso Importance is the extent to which the person attaches enough personal value to the need for change that she becomes committed to doing something ab out it. Importance determines the intensity with which the person will pursue change goals. Confidence is the extent to which the person believes that she is able to change. It is the person's belief that she has the capability to make the changes she desires and control the conditions that will allow her to succeed. Evaluating the person on each of these factors will provide a measure of the person's chance for success in reaching her change goals. When there is a high level of readiness, the requisite support for action is present.