chapter  8
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Direct to Consumer Advertising: Broadcast and Print Media

Consumer communication takes a variety of forms in the pharmaceutical industry and includes both traditional and electronic methods of promotion. This chapter will focus on direct to consumer advertising (DTCA). Some examples of DTCA include the use of print and broadcast media for disease awareness advertising (DAA; permitted in Australia and Japan) and product-specifi c DTCA both in traditional media channels and online (where legal in the US and New Zealand, and while not legal in Canada, is permitted with restrictions). Mack (2014) reported that DTCA accounted for 21 percent of total industry expenditure (this percentage includes all forms of consumer promotion, not just advertising). He indicates that DTC expenditures are down in all promotional channels (including digital) from the previous year. This is largely the result of the patent cliff and the reluctance to use these tools because of the diffi culty in analyzing digital usage data to calculate brand ROI. This decline in promotional activity is demonstrated by the 2012 Rodale DTC Study (as cited by World of DTC Marketing, 2012) that shows a steady decline in consumer promotional expenditures from a historical high point in 2007.