chapter  5
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Leading professional learning in mathematics in your school; mentoring and coaching

The Williams Review ( 2008 : 7) recommended that, ‘There should be at least one Mathematics Specialist in each primary school’. The specialist teacher is expected to fulfi l a specifi c personal and job specifi cation that includes ‘Act as peer-to-peer coach and mentor and support the mathematical professional development of serving teachers, NQTs, ITT students on placement and teaching assistants within the school’ (p. 20). The purpose of this chapter is to help you to consider developing the learning and teaching of mathematics not just in your own class or the classes you directly teach but across the entire school. Nearly all primary teachers are generalist, some have special interest in a particular curriculum area but you are likely to be the only mathematics specialist in your school. This is a great responsibility and will take time and sensitivity to develop. Communicating enthusiasm for the subject will also be vitally important. Williams suggested that much of the work of supporting other teachers and staff members would be done through mentoring and coaching.