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PREFACE THIS booklet is to some extent complementary to the author's Soviet Economy and the War of a year ago, supplementing the latter with information about some special aspects of the Soviet economic system, which a small experience of lectures on the subject in recent months has suggested to be subjects of considerable popular enquiry. Like its predecessor, this booklet pretends to he little more than a compilation of information that is already accessible to those who have the opportunity to seek for it. It differs only in being less concerned with giving an over-all picture of industrial plans and their fulfilment, of industrial policies and methods, "and more with the detail of a few special spheres. Whether any results of the analysis of this detail may prove of interest to students of these special topics, I do not know. My chief concern, however, has heen, not with theoretical generalisation, but with the collection of essential facts: nor has it been with " making a case " of any sort, unless it he a case for more sympathetic understanding of the problems of Soviet economy than was common until a year ago. One of the four chapters is in the main a reprint of an article in the Anglo-Soviet Journal (by kind permission of its editor, Dr. Vevers), and.another is an expansion of a lecture delivered to the Anglo-Soviet Public Relations Association in June of this year. I am indebted to Dr. Alexander Baykov for information with which he has kindly supplied me on several matters.