chapter  7
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Police challenges and sex offenders’ activities online: An empirical overview

In this chapter, I turn my attention to practitioners’ views about policing child sexual abuse (CSA) and sex offenders’ modus operandi . In the fi rst part I focus on covert policing; more specifi cally, I evaluate how the police operationalise a profi le and how they interact with potential sex offenders. I then explore sex offenders’ online behaviour. Whilst the occurrence of online sexual grooming has been demonstrated (Davidson and Martellozzo 2008a; Davidson and Martellozzo 2009; Gillespie 2008; Sanderson 2007), there is no substantial body of research to show how it is committed. It is my intention to ensure a better understanding of how online grooming takes place and how policing the internet has developed and is perhaps beginning to make a signifi cant difference.