chapter  7
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—Stage Three: Consolidation

The last stage of the CCM is consolidation. In this fi nal phase of the model, which means the fi nal phase of the moment, of the experience in the session, the session, the stage of treatment, or the treatment itself, therapists work with clients to cement the change or the experience that just happened and to move on to the next. Consolidation is really the integration of new ways of being. The clients integrate what they learn into what they will continue to be. The act of consolidating is the union or uniting of systems, of variables, of experiences. In our model it means connecting the moments, the experience, the interventions, and the changes that have taken place in the present, over the course of the session, over the course of the stage of treatment, and over the therapy as a whole. As is certainly clear by now, the cycle of change happens multiple times within a session. Beginning with a pause through breath, mindfulness, understanding, awareness, then moving into exploring possible responses, and then choosing a response, to fi nally a momentary exhale where we assess what just happened: What am I thinking? How do I feel? If it was an interactional experience, what is the other person thinking and how does the other feel? Was what just happened effective? Do I want to repeat it? Can I move on? Consolidation is the time in space in which integration occurs.