chapter  4
On the Road to Entrepreneurship
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Career jolts, lack of satisfaction, inequitable wages, new value sets and changing organizational environments inspire many women to evaluate their options. A 1998 Catalyst and National Foundation for Women Business Owners study revealed that the major reasons women entrepreneurs had left jobs in corporate America to found a business were lack of fl exibility (51 percent in private fi rms and 44 percent in non-private), glass ceiling issues (29 percent in private and 16 percent in non-private), unhappiness with the environment (28 percent private and 17 percent non-private) and lack of challenge (22 percent private and 19 percent non-private). The percentage of women leaving because they had an entrepreneurial idea diminished from 50 percent to 35 percent in the previous 20 years. In the same period, the percentage of women leaving because they were unfulfi lled, downsized, or victims of a glass ceiling rose from 25 percent to 46 percent.