chapter  4
Administering sprawl in South Hampshire
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In chapter 3 , we saw how the perceived threat of the South Hampshire Study ( SHS )’s linear directional city – the beast in jungle – has stalked politicians, planners and the public. They have guarded against it and yet, as one interviewee described, we have ‘seen back in the 1960s the Buchanan report talking about the South Hampshire metropolis and . . . people are saying that we have more or less got there but we haven’t planned for it in the way you would have done for a major development of that size’ [42]. Banham et al. had argued as much in their counterfactual thought-experiment of ‘no-plan’ for South Hampshire, suggesting ‘it might gain more from an abandonment of preservation than it has so far won from its continuance’ (Banham et al. , 1969: 440). Yet strategic growth in South Hampshire has most defi nitely been thoroughly administered.