chapter  21
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THE IONIAN WAR, 413-404 In the spring of 413, possibly as the result of Alcibiades’ advice (Thuc. 6.91.6), the Spartans invaded Attica under King Agis and occupied Decelea, a fortified outpost equidistant from Athens and Boeotia (Thuc. 7.27): thus this phase of the Peloponnesian War (413-404) is often referred to as the Decelean War. The Athenians’ attacks on the east coast of Laconia in 414 (Thuc. 6.105.2), the constant raiding from Athenian-held Pylos (Thuc. 7.18), and the Athenian refusal to submit these issues to arbitration convinced the Spartans that the Athenians had clearly broken the terms of the Peace of Nicias, and that they were justified in renewing the war (7.18). This permanent occupation of Decelea caused many problems for the Athenians:

It did great damage to the Athenians and, by its destruction of property and the loss of men, was one of the chief causes of the decline in Athenian power.