chapter  16
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Are We There Yet?

Ferry travel is a routine, a habit, and a ritual with distinct duration patterns. Every individual has their own duration patterns. Sheila has been commuting to Victoria from Pender Island for 23 years, and is still holding strong. Guy quit the daily commute to North Vancouver from Gibsons after two years and three months, “worn out and forced to choose between work and life.” Charlene and Bob’s morning drive to the ferry terminal used to last 24 minutes; way too much for them. So they sold their house after one year and seven months of living there and bought one closer to the Quadra Island ferry terminal, and thus to Campbell River where they work. Kendra and Marianne’s home at Mitchell Bay-also 24 minutes away, from the Malcolm Island ferry terminalrequires a trip of the same duration. But they can go weeks without needing to catch the ferry to Port McNeill. So they’ve lasted already 13 years in their home.