chapter  6
I Just Recycled. Can I Use the Car Now? When People Continue or Discontinue Behaving Sustainably after an Initial Sustainable Act
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TO CONTINUE OR NOT TO CONTINUE? What do people do once they have behaved sustainably? It seems logical to assume that people continue behaving sustainably after an initial sustainable act (i.e., a carry-over effect). Indeed, research suggests that people are likely to perform continued sustainable behavior. For example, research on self-perception and cognitive consistency shows that people often prefer to behave consistently over time to maintain a particular self-view (Bem, 1967; Festinger, 1957; Swann & Gilbert, 1990). Furthermore, research on habits shows that people who are in the habit of behaving environmentally sustainably are more likely to show repetitive sustainable behavior (Aarts, Verplanken, & Van Knippenberg, 1998; Ouellette & Wood, 1998). Finally, research on priming suggests that constructs that are accessible in people’s minds may guide subsequent behavior (Bargh, Chen, & Burrows, 1996). Based on this, one would expect that sustainable behavior can activate sustainable constructs, motivating continued sustainable behavior.