chapter  9
Consequences of System Defense Motivations for Individuals’ Willingness to Act Sustainably
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Petroleum conducted a series of inept interventions meant to stem the flow, making it astoundingly clear that BP was ill-prepared to contain such a spill and protect the surrounding ecosystems.

Although government and industry have enormous impact on the environment, individual actions also reflect a lack of sustainability. For example, people rely on their cars to take them virtually everywhere, despite the fact that more than half of their journeys cover less than a mile (Sutherland, 2003). We focus on the price of food-demanding cheap tomatoes year round, for example-and do not worry about whether the farmers and migrant workers receive living wages (Schlosser, 2007). We complain about the hassles of delays and security searches when we fly, rather than considering the vast amount of carbon the plane pumps into the atmosphere (Doyle, 2010). Governments, industry, and individuals all contribute to the overall sustainability of our way of life.