chapter  8
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Critical Realism, Postmodernism and the Global Crisis

I will be talking about critical realism, postmodernism and the global crisis and I will be saying a little bit by way of trying to indicate some kind of resolution to this crisis that I think we all feel we are in, a profound alienation in contemporary society; indeed a threat to the survival of the species on the planet by just introducing some of the themes from my recent book, From East to West . But I do want to do justice to the title that you came here for, so for the fi rst part of the talk anyway, I shall be critiquing postmodernism. So what is postmodernism? Postmodernism is a movement of thought which is very widespread throughout the world, including India as you know. It is very fashionable, and there are some things about it with which I agree and some things about it which I think are profoundly mistaken but have to be understood and explained in the context of criticising it. So I will list ten general characteristics of postmodernism so we can know roughly what we are talking about.