chapter  13
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Unconditionality in Love

What we need to do then to express love is to let go, let go of all these negative emotions.

Now these negative emotions which replace or defl ect love actually themselves depend on love, so in any emotional state, in so far as it is coherent at all, you will fi nd some kind of binding power which is, albeit possibly in a very weak form, a mode of manifestation of love. Actually it would be much simpler if we said that there was no such thing as conditional love; and that all love was unconditional. For nothing which is a ground-state quality can be conditional-conditionality can characterise only its manifestation, not the quality itself. Conditional love would then be love mixed with some other quality, such as possessiveness in the case for the demand for reciprocation; or desire or greed, or fear, or whatever. When you let go, and of course this is often not simple at all, you have to work through and work hard to let go of these very stubborn factors in our embodied personalities, then you will just manifest at an emotional level pure unconditional love. This will inform or rather e-motivate your actions in a way which will depend on the specifi city of the content of your action.