chapter  8
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In this chapter, first, the results from data analyses of both quantitative and quali-

tative are presented. Second, these findings are related to and discussed with the

prior research in the counterterrorism literature. Third, a brief discussion of dichot-

omous counterterrorism approaches is provided followed by the analysis of the

characteristics of Turkish counterterrorism policies toward the PKK and on which

side the Turkish policies take a stance in such a dichotomy and why. Fourth, psy-

chological implications of the nature of the implemented Turkish policies and

PKK’s response – particularly within the social context – are reviewed through

the war concept, psychology of war, and policy perception, respectively. Next, the

nature of the grievance in ethno-terrorism and its implications and complications

are discussed within the context of the PKK conflict. Lastly, the legitimacy as the

key concept of popular support is analyzed and relevant conclusions are drawn.