chapter  8
Toussaint L'ouvertureandthewar Economy of Saint-Domingue, 1796-1802
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The Haitian revolution against the French broke out in 1791. From 1796 to 1801 all foreign powers involved in the revolutionary wars, French, British and Span i sh , were defea ted by the Ha i t i an forces u n d e r T o u s s a m t L'Ouverture. Both Saint-Domingue in the west and Santo Domingo m the east fell to Toussaint's troops. In 1798, he was sovereign in the nor th and in the west. Two years later, by defeating the mulatto general Rigaud in a civil war, he added the south to his territory and in 1801 the Spanish part of the island was occupied.1 His constitution issued on 16 July 1801, made him gouverneur-general-d-me with power to name his successor.