chapter  9
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Office location

Most people work in offices, if you draw the definition loosely enough. An office is a room designed for working in. It contains the basic walls, windows, doors and ceilings, and has the ability to accommodate such supporting equipment as can fit in a reasonably-sized space (say 5,000 ft2

(500 m2)), and is compatible with a person working at a desk. Such a definition fits a type of building usually called an office block and if it is accepted then it follows that the people working there are office workers whatever they may actually do. It includes activities which are not usually thought of as office work such as dental surgery or a college or TV station. In cases such as these there may be some uses which require a purpose-built specialist building, such as an auditorium for a college or a studio big enough to accommodate scenery for a TV station, but the majority of functions are suitable for a conventional office building.