chapter  7
Julius Evola and spiritual Nordicism, 1941–1943
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Julius Evola was one of the most influential fascist racists in Italian history. His importance stems not so much from the impact his philosophy had on fascism in its heyday, but the unifying force his occult ontology had on a post-war fascism that sought some sort of cosmological underpinning for its precipitous fall and hoped-for return to relevance. The revival of interest in Evola and his work since the 1970s has uncovered a gold mine of information that allows us particularly sharp insight into the racist mentality. Evola’s late notoriety is not to say that Evola himself was a non-entity during the fascist period – far from it. His version of spiritual Nordicism fit remarkably well into his cosmology, and ultimately had a profound impact on the course of development of Italian fascist racism in its final years.