chapter  7
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SFUMATO IN THE FORESTS Context: the Western Australian Regional Forest Agreement

This unremitting forest, – it disturbs me. Far, far too many trees (Pynchon, 1998:

In Western Australia native forests are confined mainly to the south west of the state (see Figure 7.1). Predominant native forest types are jarrah, marri and karri10 forest. Of the 4.25 m ha in the South West Forest Region, about 1.87 m ha (44 per cent) are privately owned and mainly cleared for agriculture. The remaining 2.58 m ha (56 per cent) is in public ownership (Crown Land), predominantly under native forest and pine and eucalyptus plantations. Of the WA state government (CALM) managed land, some 745,000 ha (31 per cent) is formally protected in designated reserves, while 64 per cent is considered to be an economic resource. In 1994 1.2 m ha of Crown Land jarrah-marri and karri-marri forest was made available for logging or ‘harvesting’ under the 1994-2003 Forest Management Plan (CALM, 1998a).