chapter  7
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Housing Policy in the German Democratic Republic Hanns Buchholz

Every dwelling has an average living-space of 58 square metres; the average living-space quota per person amounted to 22.7 square metres per person. (Data for 1981; data not available for the more recent years.)

Most of the dwellings are composed of two or three rooms, i.e. 35.2 per cent and 34.8 per cent respectively (Melzer, 1983 (C), p. 98). The percentage of one-room flats - 10.9 per cent - is diminishing, whereas the proportion of dwellings with four or more rooms has slightly increased, 330

The equipment of the dwellings (all data from 1981, after Melzer, 1983 (c) ) leaves much to be desired. Admittedly, 90.8 per cent of all dwellings are fitted with piped water; but just 56.4 per cent are equipped with a toilet inside their dwelling, and only 54.3 per cent with bath or shower, 43.2 per cent with a heated water supply, and only 25.7 per cent with any type of central heating.