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The Day of Judgement

After the death of the world, God will resurrect all people. As indicated above the resurrection of one person and of all humanity are the same before the power of God. The Holy Book of Islam, the body of hadith and the works of Muslim theologians have focused on the details of this day. In his depiction of the gathering for the Day of Judgement, the Prophet speaks of an extremely high temperature as a result of which many will almost be drowned in their sweat. People will desperately ask for intercession by the prophets (Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad). Due to their ablution before the five daily prayers in worldly life, the Prophet will easily recognize the members of his community. On this day, divine justice will be completely fulfilled. The Qur

) an speaks of a

book (kitab) in which there would be a record of every action, bad and good. Therefore, people would not be able to deny their deeds done in this worldly life. The Holy Book divides people on this

terrible day into two groups; those who receive their book through their right hands are the people of paradise. They will find what the Lord has prepared for them from his eternal treasures. The second group comprises those who receive their book through their left hands; they will be taken to the eternal abode of punishment that is Hell. The Prophet gives hope to some in this group, indicating that anyone who has faith, even as small as a seed of mustard, will not stay in hell forever. Instead, after finishing the period of punishment they will be taken to paradise. To illustrate the life of paradise, various Qur

) a-

nic verses provide details of pleasures that God will give to this group of people. The pleasures of this world compared to the pleasures of paradise seem

to be nothing but a shadow of the real pleasures. The highest pleasure in paradise is to see God (ru

) yatulla). Describ-

ing the life of paradise in a comparative way, a recent Muslim theologian states that a thousand years of happiness in this worldly life cannot be compared to an hour of the life of paradise; similarly a thousand years of the life of paradise cannot be compared to an hour of seeing the beauty of God. According to the teachings of Islam, these two places are the final destinations of the human being.