chapter  3
Distributed Leadership : A Humanistic Approach to Shared Governance
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Amy Paquinette took over the principalship of Sequoia Middle School after the previous principal had left in the middle of the year, citing health issues. In the three months that the school had functioned under the assistant principal, things had fallen apart. On her very fi rst day in the job, Ms. Paquinette was horrifi ed to fi nd two students sitting in a hallway, bent over a video game. They claimed that their teacher had given them permission to leave the room. When she confronted the teacher, she found that it was true-the students had been disrupting the class, and the teacher had sent them to the principal’s offi ce. But the acting principal told them he had no time to deal with them, and sent them into the hallway. There seemed to be no structures in place to deal with this type of situation.