chapter  4
Production processes
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Design is largely about working with the technology available to you. Print is a fixed, two-dimensional medium with opportunities for colour dependent on budget. Most of this is visual, and we aim publications at the sense of sight. Touch, smell and taste could be considered, but the technology is expensive and probably not worth it for most publications – although from time to time some magazines do carry adverts from scent manufacturers who think it worth the money to produce scented adverts. It would also be technically possible to produce print with taste or texture, and even sound (birthday cards, for instance, are now available with small sound devices that cheer or jeer as you open the card), although whether it would be worth the expense for a newspaper is doubtful. It is much easier to put such material on the website if it is important. Magic pictures that move, such as those in the Harry Potter stories, are yet to grace newspapers, although the Press Gazette did publish a 3D picture in summer 2002 and provided readers with the special glasses to view it. To us as designers, then, the technology of print and what we can do with it is very important and so we need to know what is available so we can work out how to get the best from it.