chapter  1
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The nature of history

HISTORY - A DEFINITION History is about people in society, their actions and interactions, their beliefs and prejudices, their pasts and presents. 'People in society' means people as individuals, communities, groups, institutions, states and nations. Individuals can be simultaneously members of a community (the village where they live), an institution (the church they attend), a group (the occupational group they belong to), a nation (Wales, Scotland, Ireland or England) as well as a member of the United Kingdom. 'Actions and interactions' mean the ways in which people behave as individuals and communities and the ways they react to each other. 'Beliefs and prejudices' mean the ways in which individuals and communities perceive^) 'their worlds', the values upon which 'their worlds' are based and

(viii) understanding that the historical process is one of development,

that, despite appearances, it is not static and that development may be resisted.