chapter  4
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Writings on international organizations

The student of international organizations is not short of written material on the subject; most textbooks on international relations contain a chapter or section on them and, as shown in Chapter 1, there are a number of books and articles devoted exclusively to the phenomenon. There are also some bibliographies dealing with international organizations – Yalem (1966), Haas (1971), Atherton (1976) – with a good journal article by Ronald Deibert (1998: 211-221) providing a more recent review that includes international organization (see Table 4.1, which lists the web-site for this article and other web-sites that provide either bibliographies of international organizations or links to international organizations). There are at least three periodicals (Global Governance A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations; International Organization and Yearbook of International Organizations – see Table 4.1 for web-sites) which provide a rich source of material and observation. The major problems are those of access (how to reach the necessary book, article or web-site) and of choice (which publications to leave out, which to read and note).