chapter  11
Your role in raising pupil attainment
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This chapter describes different approaches which schools have used to raise pupil attainment, and discusses the role of the pastoral leader in raising standards. A lot of the case studies are for reaction. They are included to enable teacher to benchmark against their own school's practice and to give an indication of the range of schemes aimed at raising pupil attainment being used in schools. One method being used, which started from a very low attainment level, is to encourage pupils to want to improve their performance by using a reward system. It targets the issue of labelling the hard–working pupil as 'sad' or the odd person out, and aims at creating an ethos in which it is 'in' to attend and work. Good work is rewarded with house points, and, if a pupil earns ten house points, s/he receives a specific, measurable, achievable, resourced, time–related (SMART) certificate at the regular Monday good work assembly.