chapter  34
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An anonymous essay on Rochester 1707

His talent of Satire was admirable, and in it he spar’d none, not even the King himself, whose Weakness for some of his Mistresses he endeavour’d to cure by several Means; that is, either by winning them from him, in spite of the Indulgence and Liberality they felt from a Royal Gallant, or by severely lampooning them and him on various Occasions; which generally the King (who was a Man of Wit and Pleasure, as well as my Lord) took for the natural Sallies of his Genius, and meant as Sports of Fancy more than the Efforts of Malice…. It may be here expected, that I should give a Character of his Lordship’s Writings, his Genius, his Temper and the like: But the first are so well defended already, that there is nothing left for me to add; and it is so difficult a Matter to paint the latter, that I am afraid to attempt it. However, since it seems the Duty of this Task I have undertaken, I shall venture to add a few Words on both.