chapter  31
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A Later Opinion of Dubliners 1930

Lately I have been reading again those sketches and short stories of James Joyce's, gathered together under the title Dubliners-brave, relentless, sympathetic studies of life in the Irish capital in the years before the war that the author of Ulysses produced somewhere about 1913, and that placed him (at least, in the eyes of the discerning) in the foremost rank of realist short story writers. Altogether, it has been a somewhat disconcerting experience-disconcerting to reflect that Dubliners and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (to say nothing of Ulysses and the monumental work now under way) came both from the same hand. Even the circumstance that James Joyce is no ordinray author does not adequately explain it. At the time that Dubliners was written Joyce was at the beginning of his career. He conformed then to convention-at least, as far as was possible for a man of his peculiar genius.