chapter  124
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Richard Mayne, Review, 'new Statesman', December 1968

Today it jars, not least on Auden. But, despite it, the spell of his opening words was seldom broken. Lines and lyrics live that he wrote before 30 - 'Lullaby' ('Lay your sleeping head, my love'): 'The Watershed'; 'A Free One' ('Watch any day his nonchalant pauses, see'); 'The Wanderer' ('Doom is dark and deeper than any sea-dingle'); 'Our Hunting Fathers'; 'Through the Looking Glass'; 'May' ('...with its light behaving'); 'Dover'; 'Brussels in Winter';'Musee des Beaux Arts'. If, at times, they complexified simplicity, the best matched weight with aptness, crisp new notes in a hard currency.