chapter  4
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Self and other in everyday existence

Managing diversity has become an established feature of business textbooks, corporate literature, accrediting professional associations (such as the CIPD in the UK), NGOs (such as the Work Foundation) and management consultancy services. Diversity has been absorbed as a domain for managerial intervention in all types of organisation. Although it might vanish like other management fads, the very idea of diversity as an object of management is an indicator of more profound trends in contemporary management and culture. The notion that human difference ought to be actively governed reveals important aspects of our view about the fundamental relationship between self and other in the world. Despite being of interest for philosophical anthropology, diversity management does not lend itself to direct philosophical investigation simply because it is not in itself a philosophical elaboration. There are, however, substantive benefits in trying to develop a historical image of diversity management’s multilayered conceptual origins and implications which, in turn, might lend itself to a philosophical commentary.